Rachel’s Story


True story of a young girl who overdosed fatally on heroin.

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Year Produced: 2002
Running time: 22 minutes
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The story of Rachel Whitear’s life and her death from heroin has touched the lives of millions of people across the world, and this true story sparked one of the world’s biggest ever anti-drug media campaigns. Told by Rachel’s mother, step-father, sister and close friend, the film is an honest and emotional portrayal of how drug misuse can have far-reaching consequences for both the drug user and their close family and friends.

To discover what teenagers think about Rachel’s Story, Mary Braid from ‘The Independent’ showed the film to students at The Abbey Secondary School in Faversham. The following is an extract from her feature in The Independent: “The reaction is pretty stunning. Throughout the .. video the 15-year-olds are absolutely silent. Most actually lean towards the television, completely absorbed in Rachel’s Story. There is a clear sense of connection going on. The class thinks Rachel is like them. For Stacie Kimber, the film’s main message is that heroin addiction can happen to anyone.”

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