And Now For The Bad News


This film looks at the role the media was playing in the early 80’s in Guinea-Bissau.

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Producer: Denmark
Year Produced: 1982
Running time: 25 minutes
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The film takes its point of departure at controversy over an ‘information order’ which the developing countries inparticular had voiced through UNESCO in the early 80’s. The multi-national news agencies had been the centre of the public debate – their influence on and control over the global flow of information.

This film focuses on a single developing country. Guinea Bissau was recently a Portuguese colony. The film explains the country’s political and economic background and how this historical experience determines the country’s structures in the field of communication and information. It touches upon the difference of opinion among developing and industrialized countries as to what news is and what purpose it should serve: how are developing countries treated in Western media? Who or what controls the process of information exchange, what is the role of the media in the developing process in a country like Guinea Bissau – and what are the actual conditions under which communication takes places in that country.

Made in 1982 this film reflects the cultural attitudes, politics and language of the time it was made. The issues raised are timeless.

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