An Initial Counselling Interview


Michael Jacobs conducts an initial counselling session.

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Producer: University of Leicester Multimedia Services
Year Produced: 1987
Running time: 65 minutes
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Jane, a fictitious client, comes to see the counsellor because she is feeling confused. Six months ago her husband left her for another woman. Jane is angry and wants someone to take away all the pain. She puts the counsellor under some pressure to provide answers. In the final debriefing, the counsellor and the fictional client are helped to reflect on how the interview went from their respective positions.
Directed by Michael Jacobs.

In six ‘chapters’:
1. Introduction by Michael Jacobs
2. The interview part 1
3. The interview part 2
4. The interview part 3
5. The interview part 4
6. Debriefing with Michael Jacobs

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