Agglutination (for Science Students)


Explanation of the agglutination technique, for medical students.

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Producer: University of Leeds
Year Produced: 1991
Running time: 43 minutes
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Agglutination of particles by antibodies is an extremely versatile technique for detecting and quantitating both antigens and antibodies. This videotape explains the basic process of agglutination using clear, simple graphics and then goes on to show examples of the procedures being used in the laboratory. The videotape is available in two versions. The first version (for ‘science students’) deals with blood grouping, bacterial agglutination and inhibition of agglutination as exemplified by pregnancy testing for hCG in urine. The second version (for ‘medical and clinical chemistry students’) also includes a detailed explanation and demonstration of the detection of rheumatoid factor by sheep red cell agglutination. Level: Laboratory technicians, undergraduate or master, some knowledge of biology and immunology is assumed. For medical and clinical chemistry students.

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