African Calvary: An Uncertain Redemption

African Calvary: An Uncertain Redemption

DVD1985 55 Minutes

Causes and results of African famines

Goes far beyond a graphic impression of African famines, beyond the appeal for mitigation of the suffering. All the power of the images is retained but an equally strong narrative is overlaid to tell the story of a slow build-up to disaster, the root causes and the effects and the nightmare implications for 150 million Africans. The issues are complex but pared down in the film to the main elements in simple and frank analysis. Both internal and external factors are considered: the failure of African leaders to feed their people, the turmoil of political instability leading to the waste of war and rebellion; error and omission in policies which have made bankrupt or otherwise beggars the young African republics. From the east and west - misjudgement, meddling and exploitation. But the positive is also signalled in a radical, probably painful, reform of African political and economic systems and a generous response of the international community. Willy Brandt, Kenneth Kaunda and Julius Nyerere make significant contributions to this examination.
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