Addiction and the Human Brain


How drug addiction affects the human brain, particularly relating to teenagers.

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Producer: Human Relations Media, USA
Year Produced: 2006
Running time: 25 minutes
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How drug addiction affects the human brain. Teenagers are at the highest risk of drug addiction. This programme combines factual information and interviews with recovering teenage addicts, counsellors and brain experts to help viewers understand the effects of drugs on the brain how the brain responds to drugs and why the brains of teenagers make them more vulnerable to the effects of drugs; developing tolerance how drug use actually changes the brain, leading to a reduction in the response to the drug after prolonged use and the need to take higher doses to get the same effect; dependence and addiction how continued voluntary drug use can eventually become involuntary sand compulsive, as the brain becomes accustomed to the drug and can’t function without it; treatment and recovery how recovering addicts have to overcome the power of cravings, resist triggers that cause cravings, and change their behaviour in order to quit successfully, and preventing addiction is better than treating it. USA.