A Person Centred Counsellor


A real client centred session, and subsequent debriefing


In 2000 Norma James, already a highly experienced therapist with many years of practice behind her, made the decision to work only from a person centred perspective. In this video she demonstrates her practice and talks about her understanding of the approach. There is a 55 minute unscripted session in which the client works with real material, and two short debriefing sessions with the counsellor and the client. Then there is a 33 minute interview with Mike Simmons in which Norma talks about the person centred approach. Provides a rare opportunity to see a real unscripted and unplanned counselling session.
Included with the DVD is a booklet for further study. Chapter markers have been inserted at five minute intervals.
Edited and produced by Mike Simmons.

A Person Centred Counsellor from Concord Media on Vimeo.

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