SOCIAL CONCERN – Category Description

In the modern world we face many social issues, and this is something that our social concern support section aims to target, and not just those issues specifically found in the UK, but those issues which affect the entirety of the world.

We provide a vast range of social concern information and DVDs that cover a wide range social issues; everything from the environment, to family issues, prison, crime, religion, history and protests is addressed.  This support information aimed at social issues has helped many people to gain more information about challenging issues that affect us all. 

Each of the titles within this range has been carefully selected to aid with education, counselling, and training. Many of our social concern DVDs aren’t available from anywhere else. We offer vintage films as well as modern titles.

Amongst our collection you will find titles such as Children of Chernobyl, a documentary made 20 years after the accident and Understanding the Nature of Conflict, an analysis of how to avoid or solve conflict situations, plus many more DVDs providing extensive social concern information. 

You will also find exceptional training information which can help people to save energy in the home, reduce carbon footprints and conserve the environment for future generations. 

If you would like more information about the social concern support information that is available from Concord Media, please get in touch. We can provide you with advice in regards to the products that we supply. Simply call +44 (0)1473 726 012 to speak us or send an email to