When Food Kills


The potentially fatal effects of food allergies on children.

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Producer: Channel 9, Australia
Year Produced: 2005
Running time: 45 minutes
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It started out as just a normal day for Sophia Neou. Her seven year old son was at play camp; fun and games were the order of the day. Then she received a phone call from a teacher crying, telling her “He’s turning blue and has stopped breathing.” The paramedic witnessed his rapid decline. “He developed shortness of breath. He got very anxious and then his airways started to swell and that’s when he passed out.” When the helicopter arrived William was within 30 seconds of dying but they managed to bring him back. Other families are not so lucky. When a child is at risk, do those in charge know what to do when they have a life-threatening attack? There is an accelerating increase in numbers of those affected, especially children, and one theory is that our obsessively germ free environment is responsible. The reaction is quick and unexpected, able to take away loved ones within minutes and ensure shock and grief for those that are left behind.

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