Visions of Peace


Ten Quakers talk about peace and their work.

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Producer: Northern Friends Peace Board
Year Produced: 1994
Running time: 26 minutes
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Ten Quakers talk about peace and their work for peace, from a personal point of view. A moving and honest film, which should provoke discussion and thought on this important topic. Accompanied by a booklet giving biographical details of the participants, and quotations from other people relating to peace. They are asked questions such as these;
What brought you to your work for peace?
What results do you expect from your work?
Where do you look for your support?
Do you need training to work for peace?
Do you have to be peaceful to work for peace?
How do you respond to extremes of violence?
What does working for peace give you?
What does the Peace Testimony mean to you?
Sponsored by Northern Friends Peace Board.

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Visions of Peace from Concord Media on Vimeo.

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