The Stolen Eye


Jane Elliott’s experiment in prejudice awareness conducted in Australia.

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Producer: Jane Elliott
Year Produced: 2002
Running time: 52 minutes
PDF:  Teaching Notes


Imagine that you had been forcibly removed from your parents and raised never knowing your true heritage – all because of the colour of your skin. The White government wanted to make your entire race extinct – just because you weren’t born white. If you lived in Australia and were Aboriginal this was your fate and you became part of the ‘stolen generation’. How would it be if for one day the tables were turned and the whites could be made to feel what it was like to be part of this ‘stolen generation’?. America’s foremost diversity educator Jane Elliott did just that, as she conducted her world famous blue eyed / brown eyed exercise in discrimination in Australia with whites and Aborigines. This hard-hitting and moving documentary has universal application to any sort of discrimination, although the experiment was conducted in Australia, and anyone concerned with issues of diversity and prejudice will find it a powerful tool.