The Quaker Way


Introducing Quakers to the public – how do they live.

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Year Produced: 1986
Running time: 30 minutes
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There are twenty thousand Quakers in Great Britain and Ireland. In spite of their important historical role in the development of religious thought and in social reform over the last three hundred years little is known of them. This film aims to introduce Quakers to the general public. Starting from the quiet meeting for worship interspersed with vocal contributions from one or two worshippers, we meet some of the Quakers in Bolton Meeting in Lancashire and hear how they try to live out their lives as Quakers in their local community.

A fascinating glimpse of a group of ordinary people whose ways of worship and living try to embody what is best in the Christian tradition as they see it. Quaker Home Service. See also ‘Quakerism through the Eyes of Young Quakers’, which uses some of the same visual material.

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