The Bullies’ Playground


Interviews with bullies and their victims reveal the costs of children’s cyberspace obsession.

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Year Produced: 2009
Running time: 45 minutes
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A disturbing programme examining how YouTube, Facebook and the internet are being used as weapons by bullies in schools. Many children don’t report on-line bullying because they’re afraid their parents will cut off access to the internet. Frightening stories are told, including the problems some parents have had trying to convince the school to take the matter seriously, One boy even committed suicide because of this sort of bullying. There are interviews with a number of children who have been subjected to very distressing bullying, and also with some of the bullies themselves. Two of the young people who were bullied are now trying to help other people, and drawing strength from this. Although made for Australian Television, many of the examples shown are drawn from incidents in Britain.

The imagery and film quality may not be to modern standards but is useful for historical use.

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