Talking about Health


Teaching health education: aimed at nursing students.

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Producer: Skyline Productions.
Year Produced: 1985
Running time: 26 minutes
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Nursing staff and patients talk about their experiences of communication and health education. Nurses talk about their difficulties and discomfort in talking about difficult issues and their lack of confidence in engaging with patients. Patients talk about their frustrations with poor communication with nurses and doctors. Healthcare assistants and student nurses are often the people who spend more time with patients, build a relationship of trust and heasr the concerns and disclosures of the patient. Nurses talk about how they gain confidence over time and learn how to communicate. A health educator outlines the importasnce of communication and urges clinical staff to think about patient health, not just illness.
REVIEWER’S COMMENTS: This is an awareness raising film with some useful advice on the skills needed for good communication. The film was made in 1985 and so the imagery is dated and the picture quality poor. The film could be useful for staff trtaining accompanied by some trigger questions to aid staff group discussions as part of inhouse training.

This film is of historical interest and reflects the cultural attitudes, medical procedures and language of the time it was made. The imagery and film quality may not be to modern standards. But the issues raised are timeless.

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