Sunday’s Child 06: 15 – 18 Months (Visits 40 – 45)


Games, speech development and being looked after by a child minder.

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Year Produced: 1986
Running time: 61 minutes
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This part shows continuing exploration and elaboration of shared experiences between Felix and his parents through invented games such as “the hat game”. This is a game which begins with saucepans on the head. It then develops in play with a real hat and becomes generalised into other games using other things which can be put on the head such as baskets and mats. His widening social life is also indicated by a filmed trip to the local shops. Felix is shown learning what mother means by “no” in a social situation; he is filmed at afternoon tea with his parents where he is heard for the first time using a two word sentence “woof-woof gone”. Felix is also filmed during his second separation from his mother. Felix is then filmed whilst staying with his baby minder across the road while both parents are absent. Felix is shown in a subdued state and with a cold. Much new learning and language is shown developing as he is seen interacting with other children.

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