Someone You Know: Acquaintance Rape


Most rapes are committed by people the victim knows.

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Year Produced: 1987
Running time: 30 minutes
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For most women, fear of rape is fear of the unknown. The stranger breaking down a door, the faceless menace jumping out of the dark alley – these are the images of nightmares. Reality is different. In more than half of all rape cases, the victim was assaulted by someone she knew, someone she may have trusted or even loved: an ex-husband, a boyfriend, a neighbour or an acquaintance. Most rapists know their victims at least slightly. This film brings viewers face to face with victims of “acquaintance rape,” a crime that occurs on a large scale yet receives little attention. U.S.A. Although made some time ago, we feel that this programme contains useful material, and the issues are still current.
‘This film is of historical interest and reflects the cultural attitudes and language of the time it was made. The imagery and film quality may not be to modern standards.’

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