Routine Examination of the Neurological System – Part 3: Trunk, Gait and Limbs


Examining trunk, gait and limbs.

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Producer: Audio Visual Centre, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Year Produced: 1989
Running time: 18 minutes
Trailer:  Watch on Youtube
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Part 3 of a series in five parts. Systematic routine is emphasised. As the physician demonstrates each phase of the examination he describes the technique. The physician demonstrates on a normal patient the systematic routines of examination, explaining each manoeuvre and showing the response.
Audience: medical students, postgraduates preparing for MRCP

Does not necessarily show current practice. Included for archival use.

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Routine Examination of the Neurological System – Part 3: Truck Gait and Limbs from Concord Media on Vimeo.

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