Paying Attention to Each Other: Infant and Adult during the Bath


Communication when bathing a child.

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Producer: Emmi Pikler Methodological Institute for Residential Nurseries, Hungary.
Year Produced: 1992
Running time: 30 minutes
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During bathing the infant experiences reality through his or her relationship with the adult. They deal with it according to their own personality. The infant can be seen switching his or her attention from the surroundings towards the physical presence of the adult and back again to his or her body. This happens only when the child is considered as an active partner by a sensitive adult eager to respond to the signals offered by the child and ready to allow the infant to share in the care given.

A subtle communication may develop between both partners during which the infant increases his or her awareness and shapes a relationship to the adult. When this sensitive communication is lacking, it deprives both the infant and the adult of the experience of the rich emotion generated. When it is there the child learns how to be loved and how to love.
By Anna Tardos and Genevieve Appell, Pikler-Loczy Society for Young Children.
Hungary. English commentary
This film together with THE BABY’S ATTENTION DURING PLAY deals with infants 9 to 12 months.

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