No Chance to Say Goodbye


People’s reactions to the sudden and unexpected death.

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Year Produced: 1996
Running time: 29 minutes
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Describes people’s reactions to the sudden and unexpected death of someone close. This can be quite devastating, and can result in many emotions and reactions in addition to those of grieving. Four participants who have suffered the loss of a close relative through road accident, murder, suicide and sudden illness share something of their experiences. Includes information on post traumatic stress disorder, breaking bad news and the role of the police. Commentary by Dr Colin Murray-Parkes. With written notes for teaching. Jo Marcus, who made ‘Bereavement In Later Life’. “Impressive and immensely useful”……..

The real strength of value of this production is the courageous participation of the victims. Their frank and thoughtful revelations of their experiences particularly where the death resulted from a violent crime, identifies important areas for the attention of counsellors and all professionals engaged with victims in such cases.

Useful in training bereavement counsellors, Victim Support Scheme and Witness Support Scheme members, lay magistrates and the police (especially new recruits who have to learn how to deal with witnesses, some of whom may be distraught). The film will also be useful in judicial training generally..” His Honour Judge Dr Peter Jackson, Southwark Crown Court.

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