Medical Ethics - Patients' Secrets

Medical Ethics - Patients' Secrets

DVD1980 60 Minutes

Hypothetical cases of patient-doctor confidentiality.

Hypothetical Situations based on Real Life

This one deals with the dilemma of the G.P. in various situations. Should the doctor preserve secrecy or should his/her duty be to Society? A 15 year old girl wants the G.P. to put her on the pill but not tell her mother. It then transpires that incest is involved. A woman smuggling diamonds has medical problems. Should a doctor tell the police if he treats a possibly suspicious person when someone was wounded in a robbery?

Moderator: Paul Sieghart. Other participants include Dr Mary Rayner, G.P.; Alan Goodson, Chief Constable Leicester; Dr Mike Thomas, Chairman, BMA Ethical Committee; Dr O'Dowell, G.P; Graham Snodgrass, Paediatrician; Superintendent Dick Holland, West Yorkshire Police; Andrea Wall, Hospital Administrator; Sir Douglas Black. President. Royal College of Physicians; Sir George Baker, Family Division, High Court of Justice; Dr John Dunwoody, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health and Dame Elizabeth Ackroyd, Chair of The Patients Association.

One of four television programmes, each of which will stand independently. The others are Medical Ethics: Doctors' Orders, Medical Ethics: A Life worth Living? and Medical Ethics: A Matter of Life and Death.

Although made in 1980 this is still a very useful programme not only for medical students but for anyone working in a medical or caring situation.

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