Just Listen – Learning Disabilities


Interviews with three people with learning disabilities, about people’s attitudes towards them.

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Producer: Alpha Films
Year Produced: 2006
Running time: 26 minutes
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Everybody learns in a different way, and all of us have problems with particular aspects of learning or memory. For some people this can become acute, and it can stop them from leading the lives they want to lead because of the attitudes they face from others. This is not a medical or technical film, it is about three people who have learning disabilities but have learnt to live with them and to overcome the prejudices they encountered. The message is that society needs to change.

An introduction by a learning disabilities tutor defines the issues. Daniel is a young man who has learned to live with dyslexia. He talks about his plans, school and how he copes on a particular day. Gary is a highly intelligent individual who sees the world in a logical and uncompromising way and shares his ideas with us. He accepts he is ‘different’, but why should this make a difference? Paul – although needing regular support – has proved that he can be independent and has the right to make his own decisions about issues that affect his life. He has his own home and regular employment.

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