Journey Into Self


Classic record of an encounter group with Carl Rogers.

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Year Produced: 1968
Running time: 45 minutes
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The first encounter group ever filmed. Facilitated by Carl Rogers and Richard Farson. “Touching” . This one won an OSCAR! Item from Wikipedia: An encounter group is a form of group psychotherapy that emerged with the popularisation of humanistic psychology in the 1960s. The work of Carl Rogers (founding father of Person-centred psychotherapy) is central to this move away from psychoanalytical groups toward the humanistic encounter group.

Such groups (also called “T” (training) groups and “sensitivity training” groups) explored new models of interpersonal communication and the intensification of psychological experience. The first groups were experimental efforts by health researchers and workers, trying to move away from the “sickness” group-work model used in the psychiatric industries of the time. In later years, these pioneering groups evolved into educational and treatment schemes for non-psychiatric people

This film was made in 1968, in black and white, so the film and sound quality is not to modern standards. This should not diminish its value as a historic record.

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