Furniture making enterprise for people with learning difficulties.

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Producer: Alpha Films
Year Produced: 2001
Running time: 12 minutes
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The role of people with learning disabilities in society. Genesis is an Ipswich based charity producing some of the finest hand-crafted furniture. The venture is proof that disabled people’s contribution can be equal to that of the able bodied. The film includes a visit to the workshop which has confounded people who believed that disabled people would not be able to cope with the dangerous machinery. But this shows that they can learn skills and can work independently but in a supervisory environment. Genesis also make greetings cards and grow flowers. They take part in public events such as agricultural fairs etc to sell their wares. Genesis is in fact a local Remploy type of organisation. It makes a real, happy change to people’s lives and helps them to be proud of their achievements. Interviews provide an insight into the problems and prejudices they have had to overcome.

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