Fortytwo Up


Seventh programme in the ‘Seven Up’ series – participants are now 42.

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Producer: Granada TV
Year Produced: 1998
Running time: 133 minutes


Part 1 covers Tony the taxi driver who had hoped to be a jockey, Susie, who had been to a boarding school at seven, and now does bereavement counselling, Symon who started out in a children’s home, Andrew, who was at a smart prep school, and is now a successful lawyer and Nick the son of a farmer in a remote Yorkshire village who is now working on nuclear fusion in America. Running time: 60 mins

Part 2 shows Bruce, who was also at a boarding school because his parents were abroad, and who became a teacher, Jackie and her friends Lynn and Sue, with their families and problems, Paul, who was also in a children’s home and emigrated to Australia, and Neil, who works for the Liberal Democrat party in London. Running time: 73 mins