For Love or Money


History of women’s struggle for employment rights

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Year Produced: 1984
Running time: 94 minutes
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Unique pictorial history of Australian women, but it’s relevant to all working women. In the first part rare archival film shows Aboriginal women’s traditional work, and convict women’s enforced labour. Women’s work is essential, but always underpaid. By the beginning of the 1900s women are starting to campaign for access to higher education, the vote and equal pay.
In part 2 women start to take on the jobs of the men who have gone to fight, but the minimum wage for women is set at 54% of the male rate. Working class girls are increasingly employed on factory assembly lines, often under appalling conditions.
Part 3 covers the second world war; low pay causes strikes, consumerism takes hold, and most women have low paid routine jobs.
Part 4: finally equal pay is granted, and the pill and access to higher education bring improvements, but in spite of this many women have to endure low pay and poor conditions.
A fascinating film containing unique archive footage.
“Instructive, entertaining, provocative and professional”. “..powerful illuminating, lively and eclectic”

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