Food For Thought Parts 1 – 4


Many aspects of food explored.

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Year Produced: 1984
Running time: 180 minutes
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1. The Diet Revolution. Starts with a graphic illustration of what a person in Britain living to the age of 70 is likely to eat during their lifetime.. Then follows a survey of the nutritional trends in Britain during the last century, from a simple diet where poor people did not get enough nourishing food, through rationing during the war and then the reaction afterwards to the influx of many exotic foods from different parts of the world. The problem today is that many of the over-refined foods we eat are unhealthy. 45 mins.

2. Diet and Health Shows obesity as a killer. Sugar is added to many processed foods and the excess fat in meat and dairy products can contribute to heart disease. Salt is also considered harmful in causing high blood pressure. Fibre, which tends to be lacking in our diet, can be provided by brown bread and unprocessed cereals. 45 mins.

3. Messages Old and New Deals with the way people, especially women, are manipulated and made to feel guilty about food. Advertisements persuade us to eat more of the wrong kinds of food. An example is the conflicting aims of butter and margarine manufacturers. 45 mins.

4. Down on the Farm What effect does our present agricultural policy have on the food we eat? Certain sorts of food, eg. meat and grain, are subsidised and consequently farmers tend to specialise in these areas, rather than growing or producing a variety of crops or livestock. Chemicals are widely used and may affect our health more than we realise. Small farmers are going out of business and larger ones are overproducing. 45 mins.
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