DVD2007 18 Minutes

Students are taught to walk barefoot on hot charcoal and feel no pain.

Imagine a flaming fire fading to burning hot charcoal. Now imagine walking on it barefoot, the length of a twenty foot path. In the cold light of day, this is not an activity that many would attempt. But a group of nine students gathered one evening to attempt the walk. This eighteen-minute video offers a glimpse into the experiences of that evening; from their first nervous giggles to the exhilaration of the walk and finally the post-walk wind-down.

Instructor, Cliff Mann, takes the students through a series of exercises and activities in group work, self-belief, controlling imagination and focusing energy. These exercises culminate in the firewalk itself which is followed with an analysis of the experience as well as an understanding of how such an experience can be put to practical use within real-life situations.

This programme can be rented on our Video on Demand system for £2.50. For this you can view as often as you like within a 48 hour period of your own choosing.