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Discussion starter on the ethics of technological advances in genetics.

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Producer: Double Productions
Year Produced: 2000
Running time: 20 minutes
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‘Of course, we don’t want a child with abnormalities or disabilities and we don’t want her to be at risk of an early death, but…’ It is the third decade of the 21st century. Susie and Richard are planning a second child. They are faced with an alarming array of choices. Pre-natal genomic screenings will give more and more accurate information about the future health of the unborn child. With scientific and technological advances, more treatments will become available to determine human procreation and life expectancy. How much of this will be ethically and socially desirable? How will Susie and Richard cope? This drama raises challenging issues about the future in reproductive medicine, and is a useful ‘trigger’ to provoke discussion.

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