DVD2010 30 Minutes

Building bridges between different faiths in the community.

This short programme describes the work of Oxford Bridgemakers, a voluntary group, the first in the UK. It consists of families or couples from different communities who meet each other in their own homes and share a simple snack, learn how to 'affirm the other' and help to create a culture of peace at the grassroots. Initially eight voluntary co-ordinators, each from a different faith community, recruit an agreed number of families or couples from their own community, let's say five or six. The families commit themselves to inviting to their home for a simple snack a family/couple from another faith community and follow it up with a return visit during the first four-month period.

We live increasingly segregated lives. Rampant individualism, acquisitive commercialism, the politics of division and fear are having an isolating effect on us. There is an urgent need:.... to develop the confidence of ordinary people so that they may enjoy our multi-cultural society. promote the process of 'affirming the other', to extend the experience of living in harmony with others. .... to give people the opportunity to share what matters, to create a culture of respect and hospitality, to celebrate and learn from differences.

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