Short fictional video about the psychological effects of rape.

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Producer: Nancy Duguid and Jessica Skippon
Year Produced: 1994
Running time: 10 minutes
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A woman has been raped – weeks, months, years ago. Some days she can live what seems a normal life, but most days she is plagued by terrifying images. In a state of denial, fear and shame she is perpetually on guard against the world, and especially against her own mind and self. Events of daily life converge to unlock the rage she carries, and the healing process can begin. This powerful short film by Nancy Duguid and Jessica Skippon can be used by counsellors, social workers, therapists and with survivors, as a means to approach the issue of rape and its effects.
Made in 1994 this film reflects the cultural attitudes and language of the time it was made. The issues raised are timeless.

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