EQUALITY & DIVERSITY – Category Description

Equality and diversity are topics that remain constantly relevant and ones that are never out of the news in one form or another. All over the world issues of equality and diversity continue to prompt constant discussion and debate due to their inherently contentious nature. These subjects will always prompt a strong reaction from people as the history of these terms is something that is littered with strife that in some cases remains ongoing.

We aim to provide equality and diversity support that can help you to broach the subject in an educational environment without having to personally break the ice on the topic. Our equality and diversity DVDs illustrate how these issues have shaped the present that we live in and how they will continue to shape the future. By looking to past events and the attitudes that caused them our equality and diversity support films aim to inform those that watch of what causes the issues without presenting an overarching or definitive oppinion to them. We achieve this non-antagonistic and informative standpoint by using techniques such as interviews that offer a view of all sides of the argument, this allows students to formulate their own opinion of the issues presented.

Media and film in particular a great way to break the ice on the subject and open people up to debate, people pick up the information presented in films far easier than they do from print such as textbooks. Providing the right equality and diversity information and support to students can be crucial in them forming a healthy and informed opinion on such issues as racial and gender equality. Our films aim to provide equality and diversity information that prompts students to ask further questions and prompt further discussion, this discussion allows everyone to benefit from a group perspective on these important and often contentious issues.