COUNSELLING – Category Description

Counselling is an essential service and one that, when implemented correctly can be truly life changing for those that receive it. Providing counselling support is though a balancing act and one that requires gentle inputs in order to be successful in the long run. When people seek out or are referred to a counsellor or support worker they tend to be at their lowest point and need to be provided with the correct counselling support and helped to get back to normality.

Therapy, by its very nature is a slow process and requires a mutual trust between therapist and patient which cannot be achieved in a hurry. When dealing with all encompassing issues such as bereavement it can be incredibly difficult to find the right way to broach the subject without making a patient to recoil. Our counselling DVDs provide you with the counselling support that you need in order to be able to build a comforting and beneficial relationship with your patients. By taking such approaches as showing the different outcomes to scenarios dependent on the behaviour and aspect of the therapist our DVDs aim to ensure that you are always able to establish a positive relationship.

The ways in which people react to such issues as loss and the therapy that they require has remained principally the same throughout history, this means the essentials of counselling information will always remain relevant if they stick to the basic principles. By containing counselling information that is both universal and flexible our DVDs remain relevant no matter how much time passes between the making and the showing of the film.