CHILD & ADOLESCENT – Category Description

As part of our child and adolescent support section we offer a range of DVDs and information on how to deal with issues that young people struggle with, such as anger management, bullying, depression, and stress. Here you will find training support that targets issues surrounding religion, gender issues, sexual abuse, ethics and child abuse. 

In the UK, depression and anxiety amongst young people is on the rise, and yet this is still a difficult subject to discuss and address. Many people simply do not know how to broach the subject or are unaware of the symptoms. Much of our child and adolescent information has been specially selected to help with training in this challenging area. 

We also provide information for child and adolescent carers that targets issues such as anti-social behaviour. There are many reasons why children and teenagers act out, the DVDs that we supply help to get an insight into why it happens and how to effectively deal with the problem in a positive manner. 

In our range of child and adolescent DVDs, you will find a variety of films that have been carefully selected to aid the training of teachers and carers to deal with challenging children in an effective manner. Sexual abuse is an ongoing problem and is exceedingly difficult for anyone to deal with, which is why we supply DVDs that will help to notice the signs that it is occurring, to prevent it and to help victims to cope. 

For more information about child and adolescent support from Concord Media, please get in touch with our team. We are more than happy to provide advice should you need it. Please call +44 (0)1473 726 012 to speak to a member of our team today. Alternatively send an email to