Transpersonal Psychotherapy – Five Sessions


Full sessions of transpersonal psychotherapy with leading therapists.

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Year Produced: 1995
Running time: 193 minutes
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This video starts with an interview with Barbara Somers, a leading exponent of transpersonal psychotherapy in Britain. Five clear sessions follow, each containing an interview with the therapist about their understanding of the transpersonal and how they as individuals work, a live session or ‘exercise’ with a client, and a review interview with both. Elizabeth Wilde-McCormick (Transpersonal Psychology) in session with a client who has cancer, demonstrates a classic approach to image work.

Nan Beecher-Moore (Psychosynthesis) confronts the issue of age with her client who is faced with a professional dilemma. Andrew Samuels (Jungian) in an exercise with two volunteers pursues the political myth of each. The late Ian Gordon-Brown (Transpersonal Psychology) draws on Gestalt and imagery to reclaim the inner child. (This is his only recorded work.) Nigel Hamilton (Spiritual Approach) works with a series of dreams toward spiritual unfoldment.

This film is designed for student counsellors and therapists. Its strength lies in the genuineness of the sessions and ‘exercise’. There is no role-play. The sessions are not available separately. “Excellent cross section of approaches in transpersonal domain. The session by Ian Gordon Brown was particularly useful to my students”. Andy Benton, Bournville College of F.E.

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