Reflection: Keith Critchlow

DVD1977 57 Minutes

Life, the universe and patterns. A personal essay by Keith Critchlow with music by Mike Oldfield.

Reflection is about the relationship between human beings and nature, and the process of discovery we must undertake if we are to become fully aware of our inner and outer experiences. Using computer graphics, time-lapse techniques and micro-photography the film reveals the patterns which recur throughout nature: in crystal growth, atomic bonding and insect and animal life. These characteristic forms, principally the logarithmic spiral of twelve squares, represent the unchanging laws of natural growth as they develop through time and space.

The film maintains that human beings must consciously place themselves in nature in order to complement the co-operation of the animal and vegetable kingdoms. Orientation to the principles of nature is effected through a cosmology, a reflection of mankind's relation to the universe. The film shows how the fundamental patterns are incorporated into the construction of religious buildings - the Mandan Indian Lodge, Stonehenge and Chartres Cathedral - and argues that the main purpose of such temples is to mediate between man and his natural environment.

The buildings are a concrete representation of a cosmology. Three figures walk the maze in Chartres Cathedral that symbolises the integration of inner and outer experiences. The film argues that such awareness is too often banished from our rational culture.

ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND (ACE). Available for educational screenings only (not for private purchase). Details on request. Please contact Concord.