No Problem: Ken Campbell

DVD1981 33 Minutes

The 'fringe' theatre director and some of his plays. Shows the highlights from two performances

Ken Campbell (b.1941) has a reputation for attempting the impossible. He succeeds by generating enormous enthusiasm from his actors and by a relentless, often mesmeric, ability to 'make things happen'. His productions have explored the fantastic worlds of Science-Fiction and the 'alternative society' but are consistent only in their mocking, subversive wit.

Featuring 'The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy' at the large capacity Rainbow Theatre, and the 24 hour production of Neel Oram's autobiographical epic 'The Warp' - officially the longest play in the world - the film reveals how Ken's bravado and penchant for the impossible fails at the Rainbow and yet succeeds spectacularly with the marathon 'Warp'. As well as showing highlights from actual performances, the film mixes excerpts from rehearsal sessions with interviews and anecdotes, humorously revealing something of Cambell's working methods.

ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND (ACE). Available for educational screenings only (not for private purchase). Details on request. Please contact Concord.