Morgan's Wall

Morgan's Wall

DVD1978 53 Minutes

Paintings on public buildings, walls etc.

'Morgan's Wall' was a mural painted by Wandsworth Mural Workshop which depicted aspects of public life in Wandsworth. It was demolished in 1979 amidst much controversy and public outcry. This film provides a record of its construction and completion, as well as interviews with Brian Barnes of the mural workshop. His decision to involve the local community in its planning and execution came about, he says, "not because they'll benefit from it, but because they should have a say in it, as a democratic right."

The film looks at the work of a number of other muralists working in London, including Greenwich Mural Workshop, whom we see completing the Floyd Road mural. "We're trying to change the nature of art - it's to do with a public art as opposed to private art." The Floyd Road mural depicts a community successfully asserting itself and the people depicted on the mural are recognisable portraits of people living in the area.

The mural reflects the sense of community in the neighbourhood, and at the same time becomes a symbol of it. The film also includes examples of the work of the 395 Association in Lewisham, West Hampstead Mural Workshop, Public Pictures, and a number of individual muralists.
Production team: Caroline Goldie, Ron Orders, Geoff Richman, Marie Richman. Music: Arpad Bondy.

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