Another Way of Life

Another Way of Life

DVD1992 156 Minutes

Community care for people with learning difficulties.

Community care for people with learning disabilities. A moving and controversial series of three cinema verite films by Simon Heaven following a year in the life of four adults who live in a local authority hostel in Hereford. The hostel is closing, and the residents are moving into the community.
1. Moving Out After many years of living in institutions, Pat. Michael and David move out of Ivy House into a small council flat. They still need a great deal of support whilst they face new challenges.
They have to learn basic practical skills and new ways of relating to each other.
2. Settling In The three have gained confidence and practical skills, but emotional difficulties and lack of communication cause problems. David and his girl friend get engaged. Meanwhile, Ian is still living at Ivy House, but his challenging behaviour leads to his return to a hospital ward.
3. A Difference of Opinion The social work team are suffering from increasing demands on their time and their ability to provide adequate support.

Ian's life in the hospital is contrasted with that of Pat, Michael and David in their flat. David's marriage plans meet resistance. Tension in the flat leads to Pat returning to Ivy House. Colour 52 mins. each.

Made in 1985 these films reflects the cultural attitudes of the country and language of the time it was made. The issues raised are timeless. The film quality may not be to modern standards.

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