A Symphony in Stone

A Symphony in Stone

DVD2019 60 Minutes

Celebrating and explaining Glasgow’s stunning cityscape and architecture

Celebrates and explains Glasgow’s stunning cityscape and architecture and which reflects a city of extraordinary and brilliant individuality.

The city’s phenomenal growth and the creation of wealth during the industrial revolution bought about innovation in planning, architecture and design. Trade in tobacco and sugar, both highly dependent on slavery as the fountains of great wealth, were superseded by innovation and production in engineering and shipbuilding
As the population of Glasgow expanded, soaking up the employment opportunities provided by industrial growth, so too did the tenement; Glasgow’s answer to housing need. 
While tenements for workers were smaller and those for the middle classes larger, their design, and the use of stone and external appearance provided consistency and continuity in the townscape.

At close of the century important trends affected Glasgow’s architecture: art nouveau approach of people like Charles Rennie Mackintosh and others whose experimentation with new materials like iron and concrete demonstrates the American influence. Glasgow ‘style’ encompassed not only architecture but interior and furniture design.

The film which describes these trends and influences makes excellent use of Glasgow talent: the work of a young, innovative company, Production Attic; Bill Paterson provides the linking narrative; the music was composed by Scottish Opera’s composer in residence, Lliam Paterson and performed by members of the Opera’s orchestra. Interviews with Gavin Stamp, Fiona Sinclair, John Hume, Niall Murphy and Ruairidh Moir provide expert opinion and commentary. The film was produced by Tony Burton OBE.

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