Over the years Concord has acquired an interesting and varied collection of programmes about all sorts of human culture and development around the world.

Some of these anthropological films were made by Granada Television in the 1970s in its 'Disappearing World' series. They show historic ways of living which now may no longer exist as the advance of "civilisation" over the last few decades has reached previously cut-off parts of the world. These particular films are all unique records of a way of life we will never see again.

Others of our anthropological films show the lives of hunter gatherers, traditional rituals and activities in ancient tribes, coming of age ceremonies, ecstatic dances and even the very English game of Cricket transformed into a game of 'mock warfare' - as a preferable substitute for the real thing. In this unusual version of the game, in Trobriand Islands off the coast of New Guinea, the convention is that the host team always wins!

A few of our popular anthropological films are:

The Hadza

A unique record of the life of an African hunter-gather tribe

Matai Samoa

A historic record of the traditional preparations for the formal installation of the 'Matai', the person responsible for the welfare and good behaviour of his extended family

A Clearing in the Jungle

A daily life of the Panare Indians in Venezula

Dervishes of Kurdistan

The incredible feats of people in a trance

The End of the Road

The fate of the Embera Indians driven from their ancestral territory in Colombia

Trobriand Cricket: An Ingenious response to Colonialism

Cricket transformed into a game of political ritual that takes the place of real battles between rival villages

Masai Manhood

Young Massai men in Kenya attain maturity

Mongolia - on the edge of the Gobi

A nomadic way of life in a remote part of what used to be the USSR

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