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The Pioneer Health Centre in Peckham, in 1935 when it was started and now.

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Producer: Jinni Rawlings.
Year Produced: 1993
Running time: 35 minutes
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One of the earliest examples of public health interventions in a disadvantaged community. The Pioneer Health Centre, better known as the Peckham Experiment, was opened Peckham, South East London, in 1935. Run as a family centre, it was an experiment to discover and promote the growth of positive health.

75 years later it still provides an important model for a healthy society, where the quality of health and vitality is important.
This is a great education and training resource for family centred and inter-generational public health interventions and based on the hypothesis that ‘health is as infectious as disease’. Director: Jinni Rawlings

Target audience: Directors of Public health, Public Health training courses, Clinical Commissioning Groups.

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